Light-Weight UTILITY AIR Amber LED Warning Light Bar Amber Safety Lights $595 (MOQ10) $395 (MOQ30) OEM or Re-Banding Services available. Australia NZ Global Orders Welcome.

Save $1,155

$795 $1,950


Most economical light bar on the Global market with Quality Guarantee by reputable manufacturing facility.

Made to Order Pricing Starts as Low as $695 for bulk orders Ex-Factory* 

  • Suitable for end-users, OEM production for brands, wholesalers, body builders, Auto Parts Retailers, or fleet orders. 
  • Distributor enquiry welcome. 

*$595 ~ 795 Price point based on 1 ~ 100 unit/s order. Excludes freight + taxes.

*Low-Volume all inclusive landed price in Australia is $695 ex. (subject to change if required by Auto Parts Retailer agreement)

*CURRENTLY Smaller Retail Orders can be accepted.


  • Low-profile design, economical with guaranteed quality
  • Made to Order - Quality but Low Cost Budget light bar suitable for small or large fleet deployment or project.
  • Optimized warning effects with 360 degree R65 Class II light output
  •  Different lengths to choose from, suitable for various industries
  •  A 4-core harness provides simple control over functions
  • Fine heat dissipation with aluminum chassis
  • Robust and durable structure with PC outer dome
  • Fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • Suits any type of vehicle. Sliding bracket positions.



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