PATLITE SIGNALFX IP69K LED Lighting Water Oil Chemical Resistant Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K

Size & Spec: 200mm - Water & Oil Resistant, Aluminium w/ Tempered Glass. (Side Cable Option available)
Rated Voltage: DC24V
Connection Type: Side-exiting Cable


PATLITE SIGNALFX Oil, Water, Chemical Resistant IP Rated Ultra Bright Industrial LED Work Lights Lighting. IP69K Perfect for Meat, Food and Beverage Processing, Medicine Manufacturing, CNC Machinery, Retail, Semi-Conductor, Scientific Clean Room environments and more. Contact us today for QTY, OEM, distributor discounts.

CLK-AG Worklight CLK Series

Water, Oil, Chemical Resistant, Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K

Water, Oil and Chemical Resistant LED Light Bar with an illuminance of 2,100lx. (Measurement based on CLK6S-24AG-CD)


• Attained the IP69K standard for the meat, food processing, beverages and medicine manufacturing industries which demands the waterproofing performance. It also corresponds to IP66G/67G standards.

• Special design to reduce “Blinding Light” eff ect, reducing the risk of retinal damage (EN62471-2 for Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems).
• The product lineup includes three sizes (200mm, 300mm, 600mm), two colors (Daylight, Natural White), and diff erent series (Side-exit Cable;
M12 Quick-disconnect; Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel Body) for various applications.
• The operating temperature range from -40c to +60c allows installation in sub-freezing temperatures, such as walk-in freezers.
• Slim Profile
• Corresponds to Europe's RoHS Directive.
• Conforms to CE requirements.
• UL Listed (File No. E306141).

Product Features

- Impervious to Water, Oil, and Chemicals
- Includes PATLITE's own 'Micro-array Lens" design to even out light distribution
- Available in three lengths of 200mm, 300mm and 600mm
- Three different Body and Lens Material combinations available
- Uses the popular M12 Quick Disconnect
- Can connect in series with Daisy Links (Using M12 Connectors)

Model Specifications

- 300mm
- 600mm
 VOLTAGES - DC24V (Polarized)
BODY STYLE - Side-exiting Cable Series
- M12 Quick Disconnect Series
- M12 Daisy Link Quick Disconnect Series
- Stainless Steel Body Series
LENS MATERIAL - Tempered Glass
- Acrylic Resin Glass
- UL Listed (Side-exiting Cable Series)
- UL Recognized Component (M12 Quick Disconnect Series)
- IEC62471-2
- RoHS
IP Rating - IP66G
- IP67G
- IP69K


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